Proud to be an American!
The Miniature Australian Shepherd was accepted into the American Kennel Club as the Miniature American Shepherd on June 27, 2012. Our dogs are registered with the AKC and are now known as Miniature American Shepherds.
Applewood Mini American Shepherds is located in the heart of the Connecticut River Valley. Ellen and her husband Chuck have over 45 years combined experience in the sport of pure bred dogs.

 Contact us:
Ellen Friedman-Smith
PO Box 41
25 Ray Hill Road
East Haddam, CT 06423

 860-873-8081 - home
860-989-4552 - cell
[email protected]

Applewood Mini American Shepherds North
Becky Van Vorst
63 Partridge Street
Schaghticoke, NY 12154
518-956-3531 - cell
[email protected]

Members of MASCUSA, NEMASC and all-breed Kenilworth Kennel Club and Farmington Valley Kennel Club.

Ellen is on the Board of NEMASC and on the National Board of MASCUSA (Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA) the parent club of our breed.



About Us
Fourteen years ago we fell in love with the Miniature Australian Shepherd. In 2004, we added Jack (Rarities International Champion and ARBA Champion Lakesides Jazzy Jack of Applewood) to our family.  13 years later he is still running after his ball, getting lots of tummy rubs, and loving life!  In 2006 Rhapsody (Wilshys Rhapsody N Blu of Applewood) joined us. For two years we waited in anticipation for our first litter.

In 2009 Ellen and her daughter started Applewood Mini Aussies North now Applewood Mini American Shepherds North, providing an alternative country setting for our dogs. Set in rural northeast New York, Applewood Mini American Shepherds North allows our dogs to be socialized among children and other animals and provides respite for Ellen so she can give one-on-one attention to training and showing each dog. Depending on where you live and your preference we can often bring the dogs to either location for you to visit.

Pick of the Litter
One day when Ellen was temperament testing puppies, she started thinking about how to choose the "pick" of the litter when "pick" has a number of meanings.

For breeders, "pick" would be the puppy that would continue or forward your breeding program. But what does the purchaser want as "pick"? People inevitably are drawn to the downtrodden smallest puppy; the big macho walking all over its siblings; or the one with the funkiest markings. Most puppy purchasers have no idea about temperament, yet temperament is the glue that bind owner and dog.

As breeders we are used to watching the dynamics of a litter sort itself out. We are able to distinguish the dominant and more laid back puppies after four or five weeks. Most puppy purchasers are not aware of litter dynamics. The prospective buyer often bases the choice on prior, limited experience and little hard evidence.

The "pick" is not the puppy that looks like a photo in a book, or that meets some vague criteria of a dog previously owned. The pick of the litter is the one that fits into the lifestyle of the new owner. Every pup becomes a "pick" for the right owner. And thus the ultimate accolade is handed back to the breeder, "Best dog I ever had." Let us at Applewood help you find your "pick" puppy.


Applewood Mini American Shepherds
from our family to yours

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